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Triangle Periodontics believes in providing patients with elite dental care. To do this, we utilize revolutionary technology on the forefront of dentistry. Not only does this allow us to provide results that will surpass your expectations, but we can do so in a convenient and comfortable manner. Some of our technologies even help get you out of the dental chair much faster so that you can get on with your day, and help reduce your anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Here are some of the technologies we use at Triangle Periodontics:

  • Digital X-rays – In comparison to traditional X-rays, the digital form provides clear and precise images that can be used for diagnostics, treatment plans, and more. Digital X-rays allow us to minimize the amount of X-rays that we need to take since we can see the image instantly, instead of waiting for it to process like with traditional X-rays. The best part about digital X-rays is that they emit an insignificant amount of radiation, making it safer than ever to get dental X-rays.
  • Conebeam – This imaging technology is used for diagnostic purposes. It produces images that convert to three-dimensional views of your teeth. One scan can show various angles to provide a complete analysis of your oral health and needs for treatment. Plus, it captures both hard and soft tissue in the images. This is especially useful for dental implant procedures, treating TMJ patients, and other diagnostic needs, even in detecting oral cancer. Getting an X-ray by a conebeam is simple and easy, and our staff will guide you on exactly what to do while we capture this diagnostic data.
  • Hard tissue laser – We use hard tissue lasers as a less invasive method of removing tooth decay. It is especially useful in treating gum disease. The best part, from the perspective of the patient, is that there is no sound from the laser. You will not have to worry about hearing the notorious sounds or vibrations of a dentist’s drill that is typically used in many dental offices. This can greatly reduce anxiety and fear of visiting your Raleigh periodontist. Plus, it makes your procedure more comfortable.
  • Soft tissue laser – Used for a variety of procedures, the soft tissue laser is revolutionary in the field of dentistry. We use this laser in procedures such as treating gum disease to remove diseased tissue and kill bacteria, as well as for gum grafts, and more. Compared to a traditional scalpel and suture method of surgery, using a soft tissue laser results in a comfortable procedure and recovery. Since the laser cauterizes as it works, patients experience little to no pain, swelling, or bleeding following their procedure. Plus, risk of infection is minimal.

These advanced technologies are only part of our commitment to providing elite dental care to our patients in Raleigh. If you would like to learn more about our technologies or any services that we offer, please contact Triangle Periodontics by calling 919-782-9536 to schedule a consultation.

Triangle Periodontics welcomes patients of Apex, Cary, and Raleigh, North Carolina.