is the pinhole technique right for meIs the Pinhole Technique Right for Me

Pinhole Surgical Technique is a revolutionary procedure that reverses gum recession. If you are interested in a less invasive means to reverse your gum recession, contact Triangle Periodontics for a consultation. You will be pleasantly surprised that this procedure requires no cutting, no sutures, and no downtime.

What causes gum recession?

Gum recession may occur from a variety of reasons. Most commonly, gums recede as a result of periodontal (gum) disease. Years of neglect allow harmful bacteria to make way under your gums as it erodes your jawbone, causes gum recession, and lost teeth.

Other causes of gum disease may include:

  • Brushing your teeth incorrectly
  • Brushing too hard
  • Using the wrong toothbrush type for your teeth
  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth)
  • Diabetes (or other systemic health issues)
  • Hormone changes
  • Age

You may have gum recession if your teeth are sensitive to dramatic temperature changes in your mouth such as when eating or drinking something cold. Sometimes, gum recession causes tooth sensitivity when brushing your teeth or getting your teeth cleaned. An evaluation with us at Triangle Periodontics will determine your level of gum recession.

Is Pinhole Surgical Technique right for me?

About half of adults in the U.S. suffer from gum recession. It can range from a mild case that only flares up when brushing or during a dental cleaning to severe cases in which teeth hurt all of the time, and the roots of teeth are visible. In either case, the Pinhole Surgical Technique may be right for you. Patients who experience mild to severe stages of gum recession have undergone a complete transformation with this non-surgical procedure.

What is the difference between the Pinhole technique and traditional gum surgery?

There are some significant differences between traditional gum graft surgery to the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Here are some of those differences and how they vary between procedures.

Traditional gum graft

  • Involves using a scalpel to remove tissue from another area in the mouth
  • Sutures are used to attach new tissue to recessed areas
  • Lengthy procedure
  • Long and slow recovery
  • Increased risk of bleeding and swelling
  • Increased risk of discomfort
  • Only a few teeth can be treated at once
  • Risk of infection

Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • No scalpel
  • No additional tissue to be used
  • No sutures
  • Procedure usually takes less than one hour
  • Short recovery with no downtime
  • Minimal (if any) bleeding or swelling
  • Minimal (if any) discomfort
  • Can treat as many teeth as necessary at once
  • Little to no risk of infection

If you have gum recession, schedule a consultation with us at Triangle Periodontics. We will assess your oral health and help you determine if Pinhole Surgical Technique is right for you.

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