triangle periodontics lunchtime gum liftThe Lunchtime Gum Lift

Interested in rejuvenating your gums during your lunch break? With the revolutionary Pinhole Surgical Technique you can reverse gum recession in as little as one hour or less – on your lunch break! This patented procedure is minimally invasive, requires no scalpel or sutures, and lets you get back to your day as soon as your procedure is over.

What is the lunchtime gum lift?

The lunchtime gum lift is a non-invasive surgical technique that allows Raleigh periodontist Dr. Otis Washington to make small entry points into your gum tissue at the areas needing treatment. He then gently guides the gum into its proper positioning and holds it in place using collagen fibers.

That is it!

No cutting, no sutures, and no downtime! Your gums will naturally heal, and you can expect near immediate results.

Why choose the lunchtime gum lift

The lunchtime gum lift can preserve your oral health, reverse gum recession, and protect you against tooth sensitivity all without the use of traditional surgical methods. Dr. Chao’s method does not use a scalpel and does not require any surgery. Since gum recession is linked to an increased risk of tooth sensitivity, decay, and tooth loss, you should not ignore your receding gums. Now, treatment has never been easier than it is today by using the Pinhole Surgical Technique performed by your Raleigh periodontist, Dr. Washington.

Is the lunchtime gum lift right for me?

Many Americans of all ages suffer from gum recession. Mild cases may only be evident when patients experience tooth sensitivity with changing temperatures in the mouth or during dental cleanings. However, when gum recession is to the extent that it exposes the roots of your teeth, there is a problem. Your teeth may become unstable, loose, susceptible to decay, or tooth loss. Whether your gum recession is due to gum disease, a pre-existing medical condition, or age, reversing its effects has never been easier.

How does the lunchtime gum lift work?

  • The area being treated is made numb
  • Using a specially designed and patented instrument, Dr. Washington makes tiny entry points in your gums
  • Gum tissue is guided gently into place
  • Collagen fibers are placed under the gums to hold the tissue in place, and to facilitate healing

Recovery from the lunchtime gum lift

With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, you can reverse your receding gums during your lunch break! Since it requires minimal downtime, if any, you can resume your normal daily activities as soon as you leave our office. You will not have to worry about pain, bleeding, swelling or the risk of an infection when you choose the lunchtime gum lift procedure.

Take the next step

Only a certified dentist can perform the lunchtime gum lift, and Dr. Washington is one of those few dentists in the country that can claim this certification.

If you are ready to experience the difference and put an end to your gum recession once and for all, then contact Triangle Periodontics by calling us at 919-782-9536 to schedule a consultation. We invite you to meet with Dr. Washington to discuss your desires for a beautiful, healthy smile.

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