What’s the Best Age to get Dental Implants?

best afge for dental implants

Missing teeth can be an embarrassment, no matter your age. Most people seek a tooth replacement option that’s reliable and provide a long-lasting solution to replace one or more teeth. Because the dental implant fuses to the jawbone, it creates a permanent attachment while maintaining bone density. However, not every patient who wants to replace a missing tooth with dental implants can qualify based on age. So, our Raleigh implant dentists at Triangle Periodontics share the best age to get dental plants and possible alternatives if you don’t qualify based on age or oral health conditions.

How old do I need to be to get dental implants?

Adults with missing teeth may want to consider getting dental implants. Receiving dental implants as a young adult might be advantageous because of your substantially decreased chance of getting peri-implantitis, which is the leading cause of dental implant failure. However, our Cary implant dentists explain that teenagers are not ideal candidates for dental implants due to several factors, but principally because their jawbones are still developing. On the other hand, seniors may opt for dental implants, but some may need additional treatments, such as bone grafting, depending on bone density.

Therefore, the patient must have finished growing before being considered a candidate for implant dentistry. And, no matter how old you are, you must have a healthy jawbone and good oral health.

Why do I need to be an adult before getting dental implants?

A patient must have attained skeletal maturity before they have dental implants due to development spikes in their jawbone as they age. While everyone grows at different rates, jaw development typically continues until 18, 19, or 20, with some reported cases of individuals in their mid-20s reaching full skeletal maturity. As a result, teenagers under 18 are sometimes ineligible for dental implants unless they achieve skeletal maturity. If you aren’t sure if you are old enough for dental implants, schedule a consultation to find out.

Are dental implants available for seniors?

In short, yes. However, as your body ages, there are potential jawbone and oral health conditions that could prevent our Cary implant dentists from proceeding with the surgery. For example, seniors with poor oral health may require additional treatments before getting implants. Additionally, your jawbone density should meet the basic requirements before implantation. Fortunately, we can perform bone grafting to improve jawbone strength and stability to hold the implant.

How can I tell if dental implants are right for my smile?

Once you reach skeletal maturity, you may choose dental implants, but there are a few more eligibility factors to consider. Our Cary oral surgeons will thoroughly examine your oral and overall health during your initial consultation.

We will consider all patients who desire to receive implants, but the following aspects can alter our decision about proceeding with implantation

  • Overall Health Condition
  • Gum Disease History and Current Gum Condition
  • Patient’s Dedication to the Treatment and Aftercare
  • Patient’s Desire for a Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement Option

How long should my dental implants last?

Dental implants are crafted from titanium, a screw that is surgically embedded into the jawbone. Attached to the implant is an abutment or connector piece that holds the custom-fabricated crown covered in dental ceramic. The titanium implant should last a lifetime with good care and maintenance. While dental crowns can last for many years, sometimes 20-30 years, you can increase your crown’s longevity by avoiding using your teeth to cut or rip packaging, biting on your fingernails, pens, or pencils, and wear a nightguard to protect against bruxism if you clench and grind your teeth while sleeping. It’s also important to receive routine oral care from the dentist, like professional cleanings and exams twice a year. This way, we can monitor changes in your oral health and address the problems when they first appear. Avoiding the dentist or ignoring dental problems almost always results in more costly repairs and may lead to discomfort or pain.

Dental Implants in Cary, Apex, and Raleigh, North Carolina

A missing tooth can cause embarrassment and lower your self-esteem, especially if it’s in a prominent area when you smile or speak. Although implants require skeletal maturity, they are worth the wait since they provide multiple benefits to your oral and overall health. Therefore, contacting our Raleigh area implant dentists at Triangle Periodontics is crucial to determine if dental implants are the best treatment to restore your smile. Please call our office at (919) 782-9536 or contact us online to request a consultation today.