The Best Tips to Prepare for Implant Surgery

implant surgery preparation

Surgery, no matter how simple, can be frightening. But, the dental implant procedure is not as scary as you think. Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime and, with a bit of preparedness, can be a good experience. Our Raleigh implant dentists at Triangle Periodontics encourage patients to arrive at the operation adequately prepared to receive the best results. So, today on the blog, our implant dentists provide the best tips to prepare for implant surgery.

Did you receive a complete evaluation?

The most crucial step in implant surgery is to receive a thorough assessment to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. During your consultation, your surgeon should thoroughly evaluate your jawbone at the implant location, periodontal condition, and bite. During this consultation, our Cary implant dentist will let you know if you’re a candidate for dental implants and discuss the procedure and recovery process.

Are you prepared for the healing process?

Dental implant procedures allow you to return to work the day after your treatment. Although some soreness, redness, or swelling may occur, it should not interfere with your work activities. However, many patients opt to take the day off for healing because post-surgical bleeding can occur anywhere from 48 to 72 hours after the surgery. Additionally, if your job requires a lot of lifting and bending at the waist, you may need to take more time off immediately following surgery. Please discuss your work expectations with your implant surgeon to ensure you properly plan your recovery.

Can you commit to better oral care practices?

Many tooth loss patients suffer from gum disease that remains untreated. However, implant surgery requires that the patient has good oral and overall health to ensure implant success. Therefore, our Cary implant surgeons encourage patients to practice daily oral care and visit our office for checkups and cleanings every six months. Taking care of your smile can extend the implant’s lifespan and help reduce future gum disease risks. On the other hand, patients who don’t adhere to a quality oral regimen may experience implant failure or other adverse oral health conditions. If you’re a smoker, we recommend that you quit because nicotine restricts blood flow and impedes the healing process. Additionally, it may increase your risk of implant failure.

Dental Implants in Cary, Apex, and Raleigh, North Carolina

Preparing yourself for a surgical procedure makes the situation less stressful and frightening. However, as you continue to learn about your dental implant procedure, you may have questions and need further clarification before proceeding with your surgery. So, our implant dentists in Raleigh at Triangle Periodontics encourage you to call our office at (919) 782-9536 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation and get your questions answered in a manner that’s specific to your case.